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Can-Do Kids,
are confident Kids!


The Bon View School focuses on developing the Whole Child through a play-based, hands on curriculum.  We believe that children learn best when they explore and investigate the world around them through art, music, reading, math, sensory play, dramatic play and nature.  The children delight in their discoveries making learning authentic and meaningful to them.  Including an emphasis on social and emotional development we help create independent and confident children who go off to Kindergarten ready for success.  

A play-based curriculum leads to success due in part to young children being kinesthetic learners.  Our preschoolers learn best when they can move and experience their environment with their whole bodies.  There will be many years to come when they will sit in desks to learn, but as preschoolers they learn best by doing, moving, dancing, running and any other activity that allows them the freedom to explore using their whole beings. At Bon View, we embrace and encourage this exploration on a daily basis.

We are strong believers in “Process Art” for young children.   For young children, art is not about the finished product, but is about the journey or the “process” of creating it.  Why is “Process Art” so important?  Because children learn best through play and open-ended activities. It allows them the chance to explore materials, ask questions and figure out how things work.  Process art is an important part of a play-based curriculum because it allows children to make their own decisions,  be open to create endless possibilities and gain confidence in their own abilities. 

Can-Do Kids are Confident Kids.  When children are allowed to do things by and for themselves, they learn that they are capable and competent.  When they accomplish tasks on their own, they build independence and confidence in their own abilities.    At Bon View, we offer many opportunities for children to practice and ultimately master basic self help skills.  These include:  putting on your own coat, opening your own snack items, hand washing, etc.  When children are responsible for themselves and their belongings, this frees them up to move on to higher level tasks.    Our “Can-Do Kids” go off to kindergarten confident that they can handle their big new world with ease.

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