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Play is much more than fun and leisure time for your child. It’s “work.” In fact, through the play process children learn “their way.” They connect their inside and outside worlds together and create their own unique experience. No textbook can teach that!


The Bon View School for Early Childhood Education is a nationally accredited preschool nestled in the heart of Bon Air.  We provide a quality preschool for children ages 2 to 6 years.  In addition, we are the weekday ministry of Bon Air United Methodist Church.  We meet the licensing standards for the State of Virginia as a Religious Exempt organization. 


Here at Bon View, we offer a hands-on, play-based environment focused on social, emotional, physical, language, cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual development.   We know that young children learn best when they can explore, investigate and manipulate items encountered in their environment.  It is as if they have little sensors on their hands that are constantly soaking up information and sending it to their brains.  When it reaches the brain, it makes new connections and forms more synapses.  This is learning at its best!


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