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The Three's/Young Four’s Program consists of four different groups: three 3-day groups and one 2-day group; all attend from 9:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.  A Teacher and Assistant Teacher are assigned to each group.   These are all potty trained classes.  

The Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Tuesday-Thursday-Friday groups were designed for the young four year old.  First preference for the M-W-F group will be given to children who turn 4 during the fall months of the year enrolled. The T-Th-F group is designed for children who will turn 4 during the course of the school year.

The Monday-Tuesday-Thursday and Tuesday-Thursday groups were designed for 3 year olds who will turn four the year enrolled.




+ 2-day  OR  3-day classes

+ Ages 4:   Mon-Wed-Fri    OR   Tue-Thu-Fri

+ Ages 3:   Mon-Tue-Thu  OR  Tue & Thu

+ Kids must be potty trained

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