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Our early childhood education programs are planned to give your children newer and broader opportunities for learning that may be enriched and enlarged upon when they enter elementary school. It is during these early childhood years that the children strengthen the foundation upon which is built their storehouse of understandings, knowledge, skills and attitudes—all remaining a part of the children throughout their total school experiences. 
We believe that parents are the most important influence in the development of their children, and we encourage parents and staff to work together as partners in achieving the optimal development of each child.  Because of the extensiveness of our programs, there are many opportunities available for parent involvement. 
Parents, we welcome your child, and we welcome you—our doors are always open to you!  We sincerely believe that each of you has some special talents or interests that you could share with us in making the Bon View’s school year the richest and most rewarding experience your child could possibly have. 

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