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For your convenience tuition may be paid two different ways as outlined on your Enrollment Contract-by the year, or installment plan.
For those paying by the year, this payment is due by September 10.  
For those electing to use the installment plan, your first payment is due by September 10 and the last payment is due on April 1.  Your promptness in making these payments by the first of the month and no later than the tenth will be greatly appreciated. 
If mailing your payment, please remember to mail your check and coupon to:      



You can also pay online*, please remember to include your child's name and group (when applicable) in comments. 
*nominal convenience fee will be added to all online & credit card payments

Bon View School for E.C.E.

1645 Buford Rd.

N. Chesterfield, VA 23235

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